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All-in-one 4K Wireless Collaboration Display for Productive Team Meetings
What is Canvas?

Canvas, the meeting room's collaboration display, can improve the hybrid team's productivity by encouraging wireless communication. Using this, users can hold meetings anywhere and at any time and use digital whiteboarding, screencasting, and instant meeting launch. It stands as the perfect partner in ideation and brainstorming sessions.

Classy Design
Remarkable and enduring design details

The artistic design of Canvas flaunts the premium look with an ultra-narrow pearl white bezel made of aerospace standard aluminum, which incredibly augments the appeal of the meeting space. The display holds beauty with 4K ultra-HD packing more pixels, offering a perfect view with no parallax, enhancing the viewing experience unimaginably. The extra USB, Type C and HDMI ports grooved on the front side of the panel open the scope to present that additional material in the meeting.

Latent-free writing experience

Ultra-smooth annotating experience with an ergonomic stylus or a finger on the screen recreates the feel of pen-on-paper. Canvas caters to the present-day needs of collaborating on the same platform with 20 touch points.

Video Conferencing Technology
Beat the sub-par lighting conditions

Ambient light sensing technology can optimize the video output and take it to the best levels. HDR technology can mitigate the effects of poor lighting in the meeting space and produce high-contrast images preserving the natural skin tones of the attendees. It keeps the users less disturbed about the low light quality, direct sunlight and direct lighting cases.

Next generation AI to track and frame participants
Capture even the subtlest voices in the meeting room

The 180° arrangement of quad MEMS adaptive beamforming microphone array can capture the spatial features of speech and pick up the subtlest voices with the highest clarity from all directions. With a wider array of microphones, the Canvas has the industry’s best pickup range of 8m. Adaptive beamforming ability allows the microphone array to capture a high-quality and intelligible signal from the source.

Every opinion is heard and valued

The Canvas is a super effective device in a meeting room with front-facing dual 15W speakers. Even the lowest voices of the remote participants are clearly heard in every meeting space. The speakers fire giving utmost clarity to the listeners and promotes effective two-way communication.

The one behind it all.

6-Core ARM CPU, with AI Co-processor
A digital whiteboard to engage participants

A digital whiteboard for video meetings is useful to convey the details effectively. The TeamHub has all the tools packed in one place. You can quickly search, get the pictures on to screen from the web, and annotate to deliver the desired context. You can easily meet the meeting objectives.

Get all your work done in one place

Users can download Teams, Zoom, Google Meet, etc., and easily launch meetings. The built-in Play Store allows smooth communication and knowledge transfer allowing app downloads similar to your laptop/PC. Canvas lets teams use Trello, Miro, and OneDrive to brainstorm and manage projects from one place.

Cast your ideas, boost your productivity

Canvas offers wireless casting, eliminating the need for long-running cables in conference rooms. Even when seated at the furthest end of the room, the presentation can be shared on the screen. You can cast up to 4 screens simultaneously. Canvas supports Miracast, AirPlay and BirdCast applications to facilitate easy casting.

TeamHub – A Collaboration Workspace
All new meeting memory technology to save and share

The Bird collaboration suite, TeamHub, allows the users to save the ideated canvas and record the meeting session. An individual's memory span is minimal, so to ensure no detail is lost in the meeting discussions, Bird AI has devised a way of saving the work, bringing it and accessing it anywhere, anytime, and from any device. A simple QR code can transfer the details of your meeting.

Dock your device wirelessly

Canvas is revolutionizing meeting spaces with BYOD. You no longer need to search for a cable to launch your meetings. It is extremely effortless to launch meetings with Team Hub. No plug, just play is a new normal that Bird AI has strategized for the users. All you need to enter is the device code, and you are there in a moment.

A simple scan to launch meetings

Put an end to the embarrassment of entering the credentials in the meeting room in front of your colleagues. Get it done at your desk. Enter the login credentials of a video conferencing application from your device and generate a QR code. Come to the meeting room and scan to launch the meeting.

Level-up the collaboration with limitless features of Canvas
AX Model
Canvas (AX) is a standalone Android interactive collaboration display which comes with combined 3.2 GHz Hexa-core processor.
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WX Model
Canvas (WX) model comes with the power of windows with Intel® Core™ i5 processor.
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LX Model
Canvas (LX) model works like a USB device, connect with any PC or laptop and extend its usage on the LX display.
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