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Bird Bar

Experience seamless, flexible and
simple video collaboration
The true definition of High-Quality Video Conferencing

Bird Bar is a device specifically concocted to show what’s possible with high-quality video conferencing. A sleeky design that fits seamlessly on the bezel of the display to deliver the feel of a phenomenal video call. Amazing picture quality and sound clarity accompanied by superior technology are perfect for making more impressive and effective video calls. Bird Bar is an intelligent, portable, and integrated video conferencing device.

The hallmarked features of Bird Bar

BirdBar always keeps you in a good light

Poorly lit conditions can be a major problem during a video call. Bird Bar with ambient light sensing technology reveals the traits of excellent video output and renders natural skin tones and compelling color quality in dim light and backlit conditions. Obtain sharper and brighter images with a device exclusively built to capture studio-quality imagery.

Wide-Angle Lens For The Broader Meeting Rooms

The number of participants is a challenge for the facilitators during professional video meetings. They need to look for a new device to accommodate more people in a conference room. But Bird Bar stands as a unique and portable video conferencing solution with an ultra-wide-angle that can capture crisp and contrast images and cover all the participants in the meeting room. Remote participants can get an enhanced perspective of the meeting room and have a closer look at participants on the other end

Ordinary VC Camera
Bird Camera

Embellished AI for auto-framing the attendees

During an important meeting, you need to adjust the camera to capture everyone in the meeting room. The vision sensor in the Bird Bar keeps track of participants and shows all the attendees in the frame. The camera gets automatically adjusted in rooms of any shape and size, and the extra space is cropped out. Bird Bar keeps the frame fit for members intelligently without manual intervention and support. No one in the meeting room is left behind.

Distance doesn`t matter, and everyone is clearly heard

The person present at the far end of the meeting room is often less heard with low-quality microphones. The business partners need to listen to every participant for a fruitful coalition during video conferencing. The four-microphone array present within the Bird Bar picks up the clear voice of the person from 8m. Bird Bar stands as a perfect integrated solution for your formal video calls, and you never need to connect any external microphones. The noise-suppression ability of the mic array delivers clear, conversational tones of the speakers.

MEMS beamforming microphone array to magnify the audio from the speaker

The unwanted noises always degrade the meeting ambiance and leave the participants with an unfavorable impression on the other end. Bird Bar’s MEMS microphones array is developed to capture unparalleled precision and quality audio signals. The four MEMS beamforming array can detect the speaker’s voice, boost the sounds in that direction, and attenuate the noises from other directions.

The most powerful processor for lightning speed AI operations in a Video Call

A smooth and uninterrupted video call can deliver amazing results during a client call. Bird Bar is incorporated with dual ARM core processor with a built-in AI neural engine. Bird Bar allows users to download various applications and work seamlessly on a single device without connecting to an external laptop. Bird Bar is a device built to enable the next level audio, video, and content collaboration. It is made up to date with OTA updates at regular intervals. Users can have secure video conferencing without transferring sensitive data to cloud storage.


Present effortlessly and explain with screecasting

Get all the details onto one screen and discuss them to get a unique output. Screencasting is a perfect way to show the details in your way. Bird Bar supports AirPlay, Miracast, and Birdcast. Display the content as it is on to the larger display to examine the minute details. It allows users to share up to 4 screens and smoothens the collaboration, ideation, and co-creation process. The remote participants can also contribute their thoughts and express opinions effortlessly on the work displayed.


Scan a QR code to launch meeting on any VC application

To launch a meeting on any VC application, facilitators need to enter their credentials in the meeting room. Bird AI puts an end to this embarrassing situation before video conferencing. Ambient mode meeting technology is the unique way developed by Bird AI to launch meetings. Create an ambient card before entering the meeting room and show the QR code present on the card to the Bird Bar camera to initiate the session.


Seamless compatibility with all the VC applications

Bird Bar is a dynamic video conferencing solution that allows users to download the application and launch meetings instantly from their favorite video conferencing platform. Users can experience lag-free video calls on any of the VC applications with a powerful dual ARM processor.

MODES : Simple & Convinient
Standalone Mode
USB Mode
VARIANTS : Simple & Convinient
SpecificationsBird BarBird Bar LX
4 MEMS Mic Array
Auto Framing (Available only in 4K model)
Built in PC
Ability to download apps
Wireless Screen Casting
Ability to run video meetings without external PC
Works in USB mode
Bird Bar for every scenario
Choose the advanced mode
for your next video call
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