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What is a 3D- Touch Sensing Camera? Why is it required in video conferencing solutions?

BirdAI device is just like a bird perching on your TV, giving you the natural top-notch video conferencing experience. BirdAI is the first-ever company to merge visual collaboration tools and video conferencing systems. Touch screens have become an integral part of our digital life. Buttons are the story from the past; touch and tap are trendy. We have designed a marker like a stylus to annotate on the screen effortlessly.

Touch screens are helpful in getting things done at a quicker rate, and they manifest rapid performance. They can reduce the usage of the workspace and makes the environment free of moving parts. These interactive displays can provide more user satisfaction.

Touch on any screen – Magical transformation of your meeting space

The interaction with digital content has been transformed forever with the devices like smartphones and tablets, and we now present you with the trendy and same comfort of touch during your conference calls. Mount the BirdAI device on any display unit like your TV/Monitor, connect them with the HDMI cable, and — the 3D touch detecting camera incorporated in the device creates a touch screen interface. Enjoy the experience of smooth and effortless operation with a truly natural touch interface. Leverage the benefits from your existing investments to create a new-age interactive and collaborative video conferencing setup.

Put an end to your delays and struggles to initiate the meet with a smart screen in your meeting room. Say goodbye to the small touch controlling pads, mouse and keyboard setup on the conference table and — launch the meeting more simply and comfortably, which is a few taps on the screen with a super cool marker like stylus. Bring your own meeting and touch, drag, zoom in and out, explore all the options and operate in your style.


BirdAI device facilitates you to annotate and ideate on the same screen at a time from wherever you are. The super capacitive stylus gives you the freedom of presenting your natural handwriting. You can obtain a smooth thin stroke to a thick line with more precision. The BirdAI devices offer you the highest precision with the best tracking speed and response time of 120FPS and 195 million dots/sec. It is the highest for any video conferencing device. Write, draw and design and exhibit your fullest talent while presenting your ideas. The smooth resin tip on the stylus leaves no mark on the screen, keeps it safe and clean. With the stylus, you can avoid the gunk-filled crevices and greasy smudges on your screen and obtain a greater precision than the hand.


BirdAI devices can track continuous touch data effectively. The 3D touch detecting camera can track the movement of the stylus on display at the tracking speed of 120FPS, providing smooth.

navigation on the screen. Drag the images, scroll through the screen, and select the content easily. The system easily understands the on-screen gestures with this tracking speed.

Low latency

The BirdAI devices give you a feel of pen on paper. There is no delay in the content display. You write on the screen; it gets displayed instantly, which is the most necessary feature to enjoy the touch screen interface experience. The device has the lowest response time of 195 million dots/sec than any video conferencing device. You will feel the zero-latency condition with BirdAI devices. With the lowest latency, you will have a lag-free and natural writing experience.


The accuracy is the most important functionality feature of the touch screen interfaces. BirdAI devices are designed to obtain the highest accuracy to avoid the misinterpretation of touch on the display screen. BirdAI offers industry-standard touch accuracy. With +/-2 Px of accuracy, you can tap on the perfect target and avoid the random selection of the other target points adjacently. The position and placement of the stylus on the screen are detected accurately to deliver a smooth user experience. The touch accuracy throughout the screen, i.e., towards edges, is also maintained properly.

Incredible team collaboration

The hybrid teams require a perfect platform to collaborate and increase efficiency. Co-annotating is the base to develop the collaboration between the teams. The BirdAI devices turning your displays into touch screen interfaces allow you to annotate easily in your natural style. The natural writing on the screen can create more engagement in the remote participants. With the white-boarding capability, the ideation process becomes easy and allows participants to share thoughts effortlessly.

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