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We are thrilled to announce the strategic partnership between Cybernetyx and EIS Techinfra Solutions, aimed at revolutionizing the educational and enterprise segments in Karnataka. Our joint mission is to provide innovative smart classroom solutions, and seamless hybrid meeting experiences with its new product lines Bird AI and BrightClass to organizations and schools respectively in the region.

One of the key reasons for the success of our product lies in its ability to meet the evolving needs of the educational and enterprise sectors. Our smart classroom solution integrates cutting-edge technology, including interactive displays, AI-powered and intuitive software, and collaboration tools, creating an engaging learning environment for students. Additionally, our hybrid meeting solution combines virtual and in-person interactions, allowing participants to seamlessly connect, collaborate, and share ideas regardless of location.

Cybernetyx has been at the forefront of edtech and enterprise solutions, with a proven track record of delivering high-quality products that exceed customer expectations. By partnering with EIS Techinfra Solutions, we can leverage their extensive distribution network, deep market knowledge, and strong relationships with educational institutions and organizations across Karnataka.

At the core of our product line is the BirdHub, a portable video collaboration hub that enables seamless and wireless hybrid meeting experiences. With features like wireless screencasting, secured digital whiteboarding with save and share options, interoperability without vendor locking, and content sharing, the BirdHub sets the standard for efficient and productive collaboration. Additionally, the Canvas collaboration display offers an interactive platform for teams to collaborate effectively, while the BirdBar, a video collaboration bar, provides enhanced communication capabilities. Our Bird collaboration software powers all of these devices, ensuring a seamless and feature-rich collaboration experience.

In the education sector, Cybernetyx provides the BrightClass DB1, an interactive flat panel running BrightClass software. This product promotes AI-powered learning by empowering teachers to create assessments, assignments, and lesson plans in minimal time & effort. Both students and teachers have access to content stored on the cloud, facilitating enhanced learning outcomes. There is a wide range of retrofit devices from Cybernetyx for the education sector to enhance the learning experiences of the students.

With the limitations of outdated technology hindering effective collaboration, organizations and educators are in need of innovative solutions in the collaboration tech industry. Recognizing this necessity, Cybernetyx has taken an exceptional and forward-thinking approach to develop products that perfectly address the market’s needs. In response to the increasing demand for meeting room solutions, especially in the context of remote and hybrid work models, Cybernetyx has partnered to bridge the gap in the market. The state-of-the-art solutions offered cater to learner expectations, ensuring seamless user experiences and boosting productivity. What sets Cybernetyx apart is not only the exceptional features of its products but also its aggressive pricing strategy, making them accessible to a wide range of organizations and schools. This affordability empowers more customers to adopt Cybernetyx technology without straining their budgets, making it the perfect choice for both organizational and educational customers. By combining cutting-edge innovation, seamless user experiences, and cost-effectiveness, Cybernetyx delivers compelling solutions that meet the evolving demands of collaboration and learning in today’s dynamic environments.

Mr. Nishant Rajawat, the founder of Cybernetyx, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership, stating, “Our collaboration with EIS Techinfra Solutions is a significant milestone for the expansion of our new product lines in Karnataka. Together, we aim to deliver state-of-the-art collaboration solutions to businesses and educational institutions, enhancing productivity and learning outcomes.”

Prakash DV, Director of EIS Techinfra Solutions, commented, “We are delighted to partner with Cybernetyx to bring their cutting-edge collaboration devices to the Karnataka market. The demand for advanced video collaboration solutions is rapidly increasing, and this partnership enables us to offer innovative products that meet the evolving needs of our customers.”

About Cybernetyx

Cybernetyx, founded in 2009 at Germany & India by a group of computer vision pioneers, is a global leader in interactive technology that has made significant contributions to transforming learning spaces. It has continually adapted to the evolving needs of enterprises and learner demands. In 2021, Cybernetyx expanded its operations and introduced two new product lines: Bird AI for enterprises and BrightClass for the education sector. Bird AI specializes in cutting-edge devices that facilitate hassle-free hybrid working experiences, enabling seamless collaboration for teams regardless of their locations. On the other hand, BrightClass is a comprehensive solution designed to enhance traditional classrooms by providing interactive and engaging learning environments for educators and students. With a deep understanding of collaboration needs in educational institutions, Cybernetyx is at the forefront of empowering schools to collaborate seamlessly while also delivering interactive and immersive learning experiences. By continually developing innovative solutions such as Bird AI and BrightClass, Cybernetyx solidifies its position as a leading provider of technology solutions in the organizations and learning sectors.

About EIS Techinfra Solutions

EIS TechInfra Solutions Pvt. Ltd., established in 2014, is a leading value-added distributor specializing in high-tech audio-visual (AV) systems. With a strong team and deep market understanding, EIS TechInfra is known for

its expertise in the procurement, distribution, and services of state-of-the-art AV products. They excel in identifying and implementing the right solutions to meet customer requirements, partnering with renowned AV companies such as Vtron, Condeco Software, Lumens Digital, and Seemax. Based in Bengaluru, they have a wide presence in major cities like Mumbai, Chennai, and Hyderabad, extending their impact in the AV industry.

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