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The most simplified
wireless meeting room solution

What is Bird Workspace? 

Bird Workspace is a wireless, secure, affordable way to connect and collaborate in hybrid work. It gives you wireless control of meeting room displays, works with any video conferencing platform, and has synchronized calendars. Make your meetings more effective, efficient and engaging. 

How it happens now vs How it happens with Bird workspace
Hybrid Support
Unproductive due to time wastage in connectivity, searching for files previously worked on.
Not affordable due to the need to buy multiple components, lack of integrated approach, and high maintenance costs of the devices. 
Existing solutions lack hybrid support, as they are designed solely for either in-room meetings or remote meetings, but none of them cater to both work modes. 
Productive due to wireless connectivity, centralised file management, and integrated collaboration platform.
Affordable due to its all-in-one solution, integrated approach, and low maintenance costs.
Supports In-room, all remote & hybrid meetings, all participants feel included and can access all the information in all the three modes. 
Bird Workspace to step up your team collaboration

The meeting room display installed with Bird workspace revolutionizes the meeting experience. Users can easily manage video conference calls, share screens, and collaborate using their preferred applications.

Start meeting wirelessly
A specific space for each team to connect instantly and share ideas with studded tools and effortless accessibility to the content from anywhere and anytime.
No vendor lock-in
Bird Workspace is vendor-neutral because it works with all VC applications. This lets users utilise their preferred application and effortlessly connect them with the software.
Collaborate in same space using fav apps
Bird Workspace lets enterprises customise meeting room display home screens to download apps and tools. This creates a familiar and effective workflow across all meeting rooms in the organisation.

The most secure wireless collaboration solution in the meeting room

We take security seriously and guarantee enterprise-grade security with the Bird Workspace. No credentials are stored once you disconnect, and no extra efforts are required to protect sensitive information. Start your meeting on a clean slate every time, and you can connect wirelessly with peace of mind.

How does it work?
Instant huddles to impromptu discussions

Instant huddles mimic informal office chats. Join spontaneous discussions, whether work-related or not, with a centralized theme. Share screens, enjoy real-time interaction, and participate at your convenience. Enhance collaboration with instant connectivity at your fingertips.

Share your screen without connecting to the same network

BirdCast offers a secure connection that enables seamless content sharing without the need for the same network. Boost team productivity with screen sharing, foster collaboration, and ensure the privacy of your valuable information. Miracast and AirPlay can also be handy for casting screens on Bird Workspace.

Sync your schedule for effortless connectivity 

Streamline your schedule with ease! Sync all your meetings from various platforms onto a single unified platform, enabling instant connections. Benefit from having all your meetings conveniently organized and accessible in one place, saving you time and ensuring seamless collaboration. 

Transform your laptop into a meeting room controller  

Experience seamless control in your meeting room with our innovative remote controller functionality. Transform your laptop into a powerful command centre, allowing you to effortlessly manage and operate the room`s display device and have complete control over everything right from the convenience of your laptop.  


Teams need dedicated collaboration spaces for effortless consolidation of information, ensuring synchronized discussions and preventing the loss of important details. These spaces provide a centralized hub to stay informed about ongoing activities and progress. With features like screen sharing and instant huddles, collaboration spaces enable real-time teamwork, fostering productivity.

Managing scattered files across folders and drives causes difficulty in finding and tracking important documents, while communication threads across platforms make following conversations challenging, leading to information loss and duplication.
Bird Workspace offers dedicated collaboration spaces, providing a unified platform for placing links to files during discussions, communication threads, and project-related information. This centralized approach simplifies resource location, project tracking, and seamless collaboration with team members.
Step into the future of enterprise collaboration with Bird Workspace

The meeting room display installed with Bird workspace revolutionizes the meeting experience. Users can easily manage video conference calls, share screens, and collaborate using their Revolutions the way your enterprise collaborates with Bird Workspace. Instantly ignite dynamic meetings, free yourself from vendor constraints, and embrace the power of hybrid productivity. With robust security and seamless connectivity, Bird Workspace propels your team towards a new era of collaboration excellence. Don`t just adapt; thrive in the future of work with Bird Workspace.  preferred applications.

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