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Do you know why 62% of remote participants feel left out in a video meeting?

“Could you please adjust the camera? I am unable to see what you are writing.”

“Mr Ajay is blocking my view.”

Did you hear these statements during a video meeting?

Did you struggle to put the camera at the correct angle to give remote teammates a clear view of the whiteboard in video conferencing?

Mostly the answer can be a Yes.

The State of Remote Work Report 2021 reveals that 62% of remote participants can’t see the whiteboard clearly or completely during the meetings.

This problem can prevail when we use a dry-erase board in the meeting rooms, and the camera must be focused on the whiteboard. The viewers can have a problem with improper lighting. It takes time to present any information on the classic whiteboards of the meeting ro

Disadvantages of using the traditional whiteboard in a video meeting

A better meeting room video conferencing solution can solve these shortcomings efficiently.

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The e-book you must read before setting up a Hybrid Meeting Room

Hybrid meetings are a new mode of communication among the teams in an organization. There is a high chance that stakeholders may miss the details and feel left out in the meeting room. We provide you with a hybrid meeting room checklist to make the meetings more productive and effective.

Download your copy of the ebook on the hybrid meeting room setup checklist

What can be done to improve content collaboration?

Hybrid team meetings have become more frequent, and there are problems in making them successful.
Creating the same experience for all the employees spread across the globe is a critical challenge to the employer. Digital and interactive whiteboards have become the need of the hour for collaboration in hybrid team meetings. It is helpful to digitize the meeting content and make it available for future reference.
To avoid the problem of visibility of the whiteboard during the meetings choosing a video conferencing solution that supports interactive whiteboarding during your business meetings is the wisest choice. Whether in person or remotely, everyone who participates has a much better meeting room experience with an interactive whiteboard.

What does Bird Hub offer?

1. Interactive whiteboarding on any normal display

Bird Hub with 3D touch sensing camera instils touch interactivity to TV/monitor and allows the users to annotate the documents during video conferencing. The marker-like super capacitive stylus offers a latent-free writing experience. It is much simpler for the participants to alter the content in a document.

2. Cloud-based content collaboration software - AiCanvas

The specially designed whiteboarding software AiCanvas offers multiple tools to the participants and helps them be more creative and focused during the video meetings. AiCanvas has proper presentation tools that make the documents more appealing and suitable for presentation.

Here are a few tips for choosing a video conferencing solution for your enterprise.

How does Bird Hub solve the problem of Whiteboard collaboration in the meeting room?

Here we present the features of Bird Hub, the simplest hybrid meeting room video conferencing solution.

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All-in-one Video Conferencing and Wireless Content Collaboration System

Most companies are choosing touchscreen monitors in their meetings to maximize collaboration in hybrid team meetings. Cloud-based interactive whiteboarding takes video conferencing to the next level and significantly improves the team’s experience. With the proper video conferencing solution, all participants can witness enhanced collaboration, smooth communications, and other benefits.

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Final Words

Choosing Bird Hub can be intelligent if you want to resolve the problem of whiteboard view during video meetings. It offers a cost-effective solution to get interactivity onto the display with a cloud-based collaboration app suite packed with powerful tools.
Bird Hub is a portable device and you can set up a meeting room effortlessly. You never need an external device to launch your meetings with Bird Hub. It can be your all-in-one solution for interactive whiteboarding and video conferencing to create an inclusive and immersive video conferencing experience.
For more information, visit www.birdai.com and book a demo to see what Bird Hub can bring into your meeting room.

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